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South Florida Moving Company | Genius Ways to Make Kids Pitch in During Your Move

July 31, 2019

Moving is far from being easy because the transition impacts your everyone in the family. The good news is, you can get the everyone in on the packing action if you can turn the whole thing into a playful and creative activity. Who knows, you might even enjoy the process before you call the South Florida Moving Company. 

Color Coding Keep and Donate Items

Before you pack, you can get the kids involved in the purging process by giving them a pack of color sticky notes to identify the boxes with items they want to keep and those that they want to give away.

Make Up a Funny Packing Song

Pick up a famous song that your children like and change the lyrics. Make it simple, silly, and funny and let the whole family sing it while you pack. You can improvise along the way and see what comes up. 

Play a Game of Toss

If you’re trying to pack clothes, stuffed toys or any item that doesn’t need special care while packing, why don’t you play a game of soft ball packing? You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll get everything into a box if you let the kids toss them in. 

Create Box Decorations

Allow your kids to tape the packed boxes shut and stock up on color crayons, stickers, and sharpies so that they can have free rein to decorate on the top, bottom, and other three sides of each box. Be sure to leave one side clear so that the older kids can label them. 

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Hire a South Florida Moving Company

Getting ready for a move doesn’t have to be a total drag if you can turn it into a fun adventure for everyone – especially the kids. If you’re looking for a South Florida Moving Company to handle the heavy lifting, contact Safebound Logistics today to get a moving quote!