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Moving Company West Palm Beach | Your Pre-Move Essentials

March 8, 2019

Most people have the tendency to feel the stress creep in right after the excitement of getting settled in their new place wears off once they start to pack up boxes. However, if you have a convenient list of things to do to guide you before you move out and a moving company West Palm Beach to help you handle everything else, you can have a stress-free and problem-free moving experience. To make your life a little easier, here’s what you need to do before moving day.

Update Your Address

If you don’t want to end up missing out on your important packages, letters, and bills, forward your snail mail before your move. You can forward your mail to your new address and choose the date you want to begin receiving mail. Don’t forget to update your credit cards, banks, car registration, driver’s license, insurance, checkbooks, loyalty programs, and subscriptions. Updating your address is updating your life.

Transfer Your Utilities

Check if you have a say in the physical utility companies you’ll work with because this depends on the location of your new home. Although they’re generally timely about water, gas, and electricity activation, it’s still extremely important to notify them about your move-in date especially if it’s moving season. 

Set Up Your Internet, Cable, and Security System

Make sure that the place you’re moving into isn’t a dead zone. Give yourself enough time to do some research so you’ll know which service providers will best meet your requirements. You’ll have everything up and running before the big day if you schedule the installation 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

Schedule a Cleaning Service and Home Improvements

You’ll need to notify your boss about the move so that you’ll have enough time to coordinate the repairs, cleaning, and installation before you head back into your office. Have a cleaning service do a thorough once-over after you’ve addressed everything that needs to be repaired or improved in your new home.

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Hire a Moving Company West Palm Beach

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