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Moving Company West Palm Beach | Tips on Packing China Like a Pro

August 2, 2019

As you were carefully unpacking the “Fragile” box, you were horrified to find out that the delicate piece of your grandmother’s china didn’t make it in one piece. Before the moving company West Palm Beach transports your breakable and irreplaceable items, take a look at how you can pack them like a pro:

Don’t Use Worn-Out Boxes

If you think that the worn-out boxes you’ve been saving will keep your china and glassware safe, think again. They’re only good for unbreakable items such as your clothes and linens. Your best bet is to get special boxes for dishes that are strong and sturdy for your fragile pieces.

Use a lot of Packing Paper

You can never get enough packing paper when you’re transporting delicate items. Use crumpled sheets of packing paper to line the bottom of the box before you have each item individually wrapped with two sheets of packing paper. Protect mugs and cups from breakage by putting crumpled packing paper inside each piece. Be sure to fill void spaces with packing paper to prevent the items from shifting. If you want to provide ample cushion, you can also load up on bubble wrap before you finish it off with layers of crumpled packing paper on top before you tape up the box.

Stack Smart and Tape Up Tightly

Place the heaviest items in the bottom of the box and never lay the plates flat. Line each individually wrapped plate vertically in a row and place cardboard dividers between each item. A single box shouldn’t weigh more than 10 pounds. Tape down the opening of the top before going down the center of the opening. Reinforce it by taping across the edges as well.

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