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Moving Company West Palm Beach | Major Disadvantages of Moving Yourself

February 25, 2019

Are you moving to a new state or just across town? Perhaps you were initially planning to hire a full-service Moving Company West Palm Beach before you thought about saving a pretty penny by moving yourself. Before you make a decision, hear us out. Did you know that the amount of money you save if you move doesn’t justify the extra time, effort, and stress that come with DIY moving? Here are some of the major disadvantages of handling everything without the help of professional movers.

You’re Going to do the Heavy Lifting

Lifting that heavy couch or that 5-poster bed down a long flight of stairs has got to be one of the worst parts of moving yourself. You or your beefiest friends could end up breaking your backs while you’re at it. Since moving these heavy items can be extremely awkward for inexperienced movers, you could end up damaging the furniture or scratching up the walls. Trust us, you’ll need the help of professionals with the right equipment.

DIY Moves Cost More than You Expect

Do it yourself moves may require you to rent a moving truck. Its pricing depends on the size of truck you might need as well as the distance you’re moving. Remember to factor in the truck rental insurance cost and the cost of fuel. Aside from this, when you make your budget consider the cost of food and drinks for the friends and family members who helped you on the day of the move. Some people give away thank-you gifts after the move. You won’t have to think about this when you hire a Moving Company West Palm Beach.

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