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Movers Stuart Florida | Downsizing

November 19, 2018

Although downsizing is something you may have to do if you’re moving into a smaller home, it’s something you should consider doing even if you’re not. There’s no point in packing and moving items you don’t want or need. Doing so will only make your movers more expensive.


Cutting Down


You’ll need to consider where everything will fit. For example, if your living room will be smaller, then you may need to get rid of some of your furniture unless you decide to put it in storage. The easiest part of downsizing is going through your home and collecting all of everything that you consider junk, whether it’s appliances that no longer work, dead batteries, or broken furniture, to name a few examples. You might be surprised at how many duplicates you own. This can happen when you’ve bought an item to replace an older item but never threw out the older item. For example, maybe you bought a more powerful flashlight to replace the one you had. Now is the time to get rid of that old one. We are here to help.




Organize your clothes into different piles. Anything that’s damaged should be tossed. Anything you haven’t worn in years you should either sell or donate. There’s no point in keeping clothing that you’ll never wear as it will just take up space in your new home. If you have kids, go through their clothes and get rid of anything that they’ve outgrown. The longer we live in a house or apartment, the more electronics we tend to collect. There’s a good chance that you have an old TV, computer, VCR, phone or other such items that you’ve upgraded a long time ago. Older electronics that are outdated no longer have any purpose, so be sure to recycle them. Call today.


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