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Movers Near Me FL | Packing Mistakes You Should Avoid

March 12, 2019

Are you moving anytime soon? We all know that it’s almost impossible to keep a cool head when you’re pressed for time, money, as well as minor decisions. However, if you take the time to plan ahead and prepare for your big move, you’ll successfully avoid mistakes in such a stressful situation. Unless you’re hiring full-service professional movers near me FL who’ll handle everything for you, check out these worst packing mistakes that you should steer clear from:

Last-Minute Packing

Pack at least 2 months before your big move. If you underestimate the time that it would take to sort all of your life’s possessions and decide which ones to keep, sell, donate or throw away, you’ll end up paying for relocation items that you don’t need, you won’t get the cash you could have pocketed from a yard sale, you’ll waste so much time sorting everything out while you unpack after the move, and your haphazardly packed items may get damaged during transit. 

Packing Items That You Need to Have Handy on Moving Day

Chances are, you’ll need to easily access some last-minute items on moving day. The best way to go is to create and properly label a moving day box that contains a pair of scissors, a hammer, box cutters, screwdrivers, dust cloths, duct tape, tape, paper towels, basic cleaning products, trash bags, glue, pens, sticky notes, snacks, your overnight essentials for the first night including your sheets, toiletries, and towels. Don’t forget to label them appropriately so that the movers near me FL will know that it’s important.

Poor Labeling

If you label your boxes just at the side, you won’t be able to see their labels once the boxes are stacked. Unless you’re willing to spend hours at your new place searching for your bed linens or the hammer, make sure that you’ll label every side of each box. While you’re at it, identify the boxes that contain fragile or important items and label them appropriately (“top load”, “keep upright”, “keep dry”, “handle with care”, etc.).

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