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Local Move West Palm Beach | Moving with Pets

January 8, 2019

Moving can be extra challenging when moving with many pets and taking care of their needs. Here are some helpful tips to help you out.

Proper Identification


Many states require health certificates for pets when entering new states as well as vaccinations. The health certification should include a complete description of the pets, list prior illnesses, and state they’re free from infectious diseases. Make sure you spend the time to understand local and state laws as they relate to your pets before making the move. Make sure your pets have the proper IDs. Even if they’re indoor pets, they can get out during the move. If your pets have collars and are microchipped, whoever finds them will have a much easier time finding you. Don’t forget to update your contact information after the move.


Making Arrangements


It’s also important to keep in mind that your pets will need to move with you, not in moving trucks. During the move itself consider arranging to have your pet stay with a friend or at daycare to reduce the risk of them getting lost or hurt. If you have small pets, be sure to pack their cages and /or bowls securely in your car, so they make it safely to your new home. If you’re able to, leave a blanket at your new house for a few days before you move in and then bring it back to your pets to smell. This will help them get used to the smells of your new home and will make them feel comfortable when they make the transition.


Local Move West Palm Beach


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