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Local Move West Palm Beach | Downsizing Tips

January 15, 2019

Moving from a large space into a small apartment can be a challenge. Here are two great tips to help you downsize.

Alter Your Mindset


If downsizing wasn’t your first choice, it can be easy to feel sad about the process. Focus on the positives of a smaller home: easier upkeep, less pressure to host, and decreased maintenance costs are all benefits of a home with less square footage. If you’re relocating to an area that allows you to travel on foot or by bike, you can rely less on your vehicle, so you’ll save money on gas and have greater access to nature. Find the silver lining of downsizing and keep the reasons why it is a good thing in the forefront of your mind as you sort, sell or donate your belongings.


Decide What to Ditch


Think about which possessions would make you most heartbroken to lose. Those are the possessions you definitely need to take with you. Ones that are replaceable are just that – things that aren’t necessary that you can always buy later if you need them. One way you can move on a budget is to whittle down the things you need to move. Identify the must-haves from the get-go and the rest of the process should be fairly easy.


Local Move West Palm Beach


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