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At Safebound Logistics, we specialize in tailoring and executing the perfect move. Our detail to your needs is what we pride ourselves on. Let us exceed your expectations, whether it’s herein sunny South Florida or across the globe! Safety, dependability and exceptional customer service are the core foundations we are built upon.

Our main objective at Safebound Logistics is for our customers to experience peace of mind and assurance at a time when they need it most.

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Meet Patric!

This guy has topped the sales charts at Safebound. In fact, he’s beat every goal by at least 60% without sacrificing any of his daily trips to the local taco stand. Fueled by loaded nachos, he landed the top sales rep honors month after month before being promoted to sales manager. Not only is he a pro when it comes to the sales force but he has achieved 5 star customer service rating by his customers.

Patric has excelled in his training on the sales team as they continue to work on providing industry leading customer service, all the while Safebound continues its rise as one of the fasting growing moving companies in the country.


Safebound Logistics was nominated as one of the most outstanding moving service providers in the nation. Our company always strives to accomplish every specific need of clients. Our team of remarkably trained customer service representatives and movers, advanced fleet of transportation trucks, and storage facilities add to our worthiness in the industry.

Local Moves

We offer local relocation services that starts with a one-on-one discussion with you, our client. We work with you on a personal level to grasp every detail of the move.

Long Distance Moves

Since inception, Safebound Logistics has helped numerous families settle down across the nation with our specialized long distance moving services.

Commercial Moves

Safebound Logistics specializes in commercial moving services for the transportation and storage of high value items, fragile cargo, and office equipment.

Freight Moves

No matter if your bulk load requires transportation across town or in the countryside, Safebound Logistics has an unparalleled range of options that you can choose from.

Cross Country Moves

Relocating across the nation can be a daunting assignment. Safebound Logistics provides safe and effective moving solutions that will help you relocate across the country with ease.